ABOUT bluebird circus

i love thrifting, bin-sifting, yard saling, flea market shopping, and treasure hunting. i find it thrilling to discover, in the midst of a heap of so-called junk, a vintage treasure with a story to tell. i collect things that look interesting and unique to me and i am pleased to share some of my finds with you here.

in addition to my vintage novelties, i am proud to offer affordable, one-of-a-kind garments and accessories made from rescued materials. the handmade items you will find in my shop have almost always been constructed entirely from second-hand materials, including the thread, notions and embellishments, and fabric.

please visit the Bluebird Circus facebook fan page to get in on special sales, deals, and news regarding my vintage and handmade treasures in this shop.

a big part of my mission at Bluebird Circus is to reduce waste by recycling or repurposing perfectly good materials and goods that would otherwise be replaced by new, often mass-manufactured items. i try to extend this concept to as many aspects of my shop as possible, from vintage clothing and household goods to the second-hand fabric, thread, and notions in my handmade items. this ideology includes shipping. this does not mean that your purchase will be compromised with poor shipping standards. it simply means that whenever possible, i will re-use packaging materials (boxes, bubble-wrap, envelopes, etc.) rather than buying them new and creating more waste. my priority is always that my beloved customers will receive the item they have ordered in the condition in which it is sent and i will take care to make sure that is the case to the best of my ability.

Bluebird Circus specializes in vintage and one-of-a-kind handmade items. this means a couple of things when it comes to the condition of each item in my shop:
vintage means that the item is at least twenty years old, and in most cases, pre-owned. the age and prior use of an item may lead to slight wear and sometimes flaws like nicks, snags, or discolouration. i hand-select each item that goes into my shop and i only choose items which i myself would buy in their current condition. i will always try my hardest to list any imperfections in an item and i will provide photos in the listing.
for handmade items, each one is individually hand-crafted by me (unless otherwise noted in the listing) so there may be minor imperfections (such as a slightly crooked topstitch). this is what makes the item one-of-a-kind and adds the handmade character that is so popular today with the growing diy movement. i will never list an item whose integrity is compromised by these imperfections.

i will consider any reasonable offer for any item in my shop if you feel the price is unfair or if you are unable to pay the listed price.


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